Jerry Klinger

"Mount Rushmore means different things to different people. For some, it is awe at the enormity of the vision begun by the “Father of Mount Rushmore,” Doane Robinson.  For others,it is the recognition of the skill, the drive and the single-minded belief in the project of, at times controversial, sculptor Gutzon Borglum. But for most Americans, it is a visible, tangible link of our great country that we all can reach out and touch together.

As president of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, the opportunity to add our name to Mount Rushmore's Grand View Terrace Donor Wall is a privilege. For Jewish Americans, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln brought and preserved the special blessings of freedom for American Jews in ways many do not remember today. Yet by their actions, they advanced freedom for all Americans."
Jerry Klinger, President
Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation

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For a gift of $5,000 or more, qualified donors will receive the opportunity to have your name carved on the Grandview Terrace Donor Wall. 

Memorialize your family, a veteran or loved one in granite, where millions of visitors will see it each year ". . . until the rain and wind alone shall wear them away . . ." as sculptor Gutzon Borglum would say. Of course, you may wish to keep your gift anonymous. It’s your choice.

Because You Care. We hope to count you among those who truly understand that Mount Rushmore is “one of America’s best idea, and that you want to be a part of it for years to come! Thank you for your support!

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